Week 4 of Farewell to My Fabulous Fifties Tour

Just taking a minute at the end of the day to appreciate the sunset. This should have been on my bucket list!

Unfortunately, I’ve no exciting destinations to share with you today so we’ll just get right to it. #4 on my bucket list was home modernization and I am happy to report it is underway. In fact, it has pretty much been the focus of my week. We met with our contractor, Tony, this week and reviewed our plans. We are doing some minor cosmetic updates to our downstairs kitchen and a complete remodel of our lower level bathroom. I did some shopping for plumbing fixtures, ordered faucets for both downstairs bath and kitchen and a sink for the kitchen. I also purchased the glass tile for the kitchen backsplash. Mike and I went tile shopping and have our selection made for the bath. Our bathroom sink/vanity should be delivered today and we will finalize the floor tile once we see it with the vanity. We are hopeful that Tony will start work this week. I’ve already started stripping the wallpaper to prep for his arrival. I will post some before pictures here and share updates as the project moves along.

Bathroom Before
Kitchen Before (we’ve already replaced the microwave and the refrigerator. We will be replacing the sink and faucet and most likely the cabinet hardware. We’re also adding a glass tile backsplash and shiplap to the front of the bar area.
We will be running shiplap along the front of the bar.

Ongoing items include random acts of kindness. I admit that I’ve been slacking here. Besides holding open doors and letting people in front of me in traffic, I did rifle through my purse to come up with some needed change for the guy in front of me at the vet’s office. They’re small things, but kindness comes in all sizes and sometimes the smallest act can make a big difference to someone. Therefore I plan to be doing kindnesses in every size.

As far as reading: I am on book #34 of my 50 book goal which puts me 66% of the way there and 12 books ahead of schedule. I managed to get a lot of reading done on that long European flight. I finished Howard’s End, and read The Bride Test and Small Fry, the autobiography by Steve Jobs daughter. It was an interesting read and an intimate look at Steve Jobs as a dad. (Sidenote: I don’t think I would have wanted him for my dad, no matter how much money he had.) I am currently 1/3 way through book #11 of the Poldark series, The Twisted Sword. As it’s a 600 page book, unless I suddenly have a bunch a free time, which is unlikely, it may take a while. Happy to report I am using Overdrive and for the most part it’s been great. For those that are unfamiliar, it’s a library app that let’s you borrow digital books. The only downside is there are limited “copies” available, so you if you want a popular read, it may take a while to actually be able to borrow the book. Two of the books I read on the plane were using Overdrive.

We went to a new-to-us restaurant, Granite City Food and Brewery in Northville where I once again tried to find my new favorite wine. I told our waiter my guidelines and asked him to suggest something. He thought Yes Way Rosé would fit the bill. While it had many of the qualities I enjoy in a wine, it still wasn’t “the one.” I had French onion soup and sweet potato fries which I shared with Mike who had a flat bread pizza. The food was good. If either of us were beer drinkers, there would have been plenty of options. The restaurant reminds me of a BJs in appearance. If we are ever out that way again, I would go back. When I envisioned trying a new restaurant every month, I thought they would be in Detroit, but lately we’ve found ourselves running errands out in the suburbs. If you’re a fan (like I am) of the restaurant scene in Detroit, we hope to make it to some new Detroit places in the future.

Yes Way Rosé, reliable pick, but still not “the one.”

As far as language, I have maintained my 662 day Duolingo streak and work to stay in the top 5 in my level which is currently gold. I have been faithfully attending my class at Alliance De Francais and have been working to grasp the differences between COD and COI. Sometimes the vocabulary can be challenging! In the words of Steve Martin, “Boy, those French: they have a different word for everything.”

I am up to ten workouts on my Nordic Track, with a goal of 50. This week, I’ve walked through the Streets of Morocco and the lavender fields of Hawaii and I am still enjoying the process. I also did a Yoga Stretch With Adrienne online class. I am on the look out for online yoga classes without a lot of chaturanga or too many downward dogs as I still struggle with my left shoulder. If anyone has any suggestions send them my way. I am very much looking forward to lakeside yoga class this summer.

I had fun meeting for lunch and shopping with my mom last week and seeing family at my adorable grand niece’s first birthday party. Love spending time with family! We also attended 2 fun graduation parties this weekend. (bucket list item#28)

I meditated and visualized daily. I am laying the groundwork for that kayaking ride. (bucket-list item #39) I hosed down and cleaned the kayaks and put them lakeside (with a little help from Mike). However, in one fail, our jet-ski is STILL sitting on the trailer!

If you would like to revisit the original bucket-list, here’s the link. https://wordpress.com/block-editor/page/farewelltomy50s.home.blog/10

There’s always more to do. Here’s to checking things off and getting things done! I hope you have a happy and productive week.

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